Monday, June 2, 2008

Wedding of the Decade-Kristy and Jeffrey...May 24, 2008, Ontario Calif.

Special thanks to Marie Prime for all the wonderful pictures of the children in the Bridal Party.

I want to thank my second shooter Danny Villanueva, he captured some great images, the image posted above is an image by Danny, please check out his website
Danny Villanueva


-Weston- said...

Wow... this is stunning!

Meagan Rowell said...

I cannot wait till I get to see the rest of the absolutely divine pictures you took!

nonnieclark said...


You are awesome! What a beautiful picture! Thank you so much for putting your heart into our kids wedding! I can't wait to see the rest!!


Sis. Clark

Anonymous said...

This picture is beautiful! I know the location was beautiful, and the people in the photograph are beautiful, but your special touches make it that much more incredible!This pic was a little tease, and it will make the next week go by so slow until we get to see the rest. The day was so beautiful, and I know you captured the exact feeling of the day... I cant wait! Thank you for being there to capture it all!

Anonymous said...

Denise...All I can say is WOW... you have an INCREDIBLE talent!! I love the new pics! You sure captured the goofy side of those guys! :)

inspectorfegter said...

Great photos Denise! Wanted to invite you to join the newly formed Photography group on Everyone's Apostolic

My goal is to resources quality photographers in the apostolic network and get a good photo pool going to inspire others. You can see some of my photos at:

Take care!

Brian Fegter

Denise Neufeld said...

Thanks for the comments Brian and the invite to EA, I joined over a month ago....the photographer's section is great, I just haven't posted for awhile.