Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chico Senior Portrait Photography Session-Vanessa

Chico Senior Portrait Photography Session.

This is the time of year when I get many high school seniors coming to me for their senior portraits, this year I have incorporated the "Trash The Dress" theme that I do with my Brides to a "Let's get Trashed" session that are done with seniors, it's a new idea the was born out of the "Trash the Dress" craze that has swept the nation. This is a quote from the Originator of "Let's Get Trashed" Mark Eric "(You’ve endured 12 (or more) years of hard work. You’ve spent many late nights cramming for exams. You’ve spent many weekends finishing up homework instead of hanging out with friends. You have arrived. This is your Senior Year. It all comes down to this. It’s 12th and Life…enjoy it while you can. Go to Homecoming, Go to Prom, Walk down the Aisle to get your diploma- and when it’s all said and done, get the memories that you deserve. Get Trashed!

No, we aren’t talking about getting wasted, we’re talking about taking the material things that represent this milestone, and release some pure deep energy by drowning the gown, trashing the tux, and destroying the dress. While you’re at it, get some great memories to hold on to by hooking up with an artistic photographer to create some stunning art together. These are your memories- make them count)"
Check out the "Let's get Trashed" website

Here's another picture from a "Let's get Trashed" session

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